Revolutionary New Techniques of Classical Music to Start Singing Like a Pro
without years of Struggle or paying High Fees every month

Learn How You can Start Singing Confidently and Secret Techniques to Get an Attractive Voice which Everyone Appreciates, Even if you Don't know SaReGaMa, without Doing Long and Boring Riyaaz/Practices in 3 Days Live Whatsapp Class

3 Days Intelligent Singer Workshop

(Spend this weekend in Learning and get Closer to Sing effortlessly Rather than Wasting time & money on Netflix or Pizza, The Choice is yours!)

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  • Learn Fast and Easy to Implement Techniques in 3 Days
  • Actionable Assignments and Achievements Badges
  • Learn From Home
  • No experience required
  • Learn to Sing your First or Best Song in this Class
  • Busting Various Myths and Old beliefs around Music and Fast forward your success by following latest frameworks built from my years of Experience.
  • Best for people don’t have Time
  • Strategies to Learn Complex Theories in an easy & simple way
  • No Need to Travel
  • Train your Ears, Improve Voice and Understand any Song like a Pro
  • Polish your Abilities and fast Forward your Success without spending years in practice
  • Best for people who wants to test that whether Music/Singing is for them or not

More than 3 Hours Live Workshop to give you Months of Experience

Practical & Action Oriented

Secret Revealed which other Music Gurus Don't want you to know

Classical Music Redefined

Here's What My Students have to Say

Class Starts in!

Do These Problems are Holding you Back from Becoming Good at Singing?

  • Hard to Understand & Boring Long Theories of Classical Music
  • Long Classical Music Syllabus Scares you
  • Huge Monthly fees
  • No time for Music Classes and Practice because of School, College, Office or Managing home & family
  • Lack of Consistency and Inspiration to Move Forward because of No Guidance around you
  • Old training methods which takes months and years to practice 
  • Don’t know How to Follow a structured path
  • Not getting Inspiration, & Support From people around you
  • No Guidance About Latest trends of Music Industry
  • Watching Free Videos without any guidance on what works and what not

If you face any of these issues which are stopping you from getting good at Singing, then this workshop is for you...

Register Now at Just Rs. 199/-

Unlock Exclusive Bonuses worth Rs.5496/- for FREE (Offer Valid for Today Only)

Do you want to Start Singing Confidently by Just Spending 20 minutes a Day...

3 Days Intelligent Singer Workshop

You can Start Singing without struggling alone in your journey, jumping on various random videos on internet…

Like most people who want to learn Music and wants to Sing but give up on their dreams because they follow the Old path and honestly the hardest path which prepares them to fail… 

Other Music Teachers Gonna Hate Me Because of This...

After Going through all the years of struggles and spending too much time and money, i have been able to Develop this Intelligent Singer Workshop, which anybody can use to implement in their Musical Journey to Start Singing Confidently…

and i am giving away these proven techniques, strategies and mindset in this workshop at a very minimal price of less than a Pizza…

You heard it right…

But why i am doing it?

Its because i want people to being able to Sing and get known for their Attractive voice, i want you to get appreciation from friends and family for your Singing…

So i have made it easy for you to learn

You Don’t have to:

– Follow the old methods which takes months and years to develop skills

Spend Too much money just to Get your hands on things to see a positive change in your Voice.

Sacrifice time from your job, College or handling home

– Walk alone in your learning journey without Inspiration of Like Minded people.


Who is This Whatsapp Class For?

What Exactly you will Learn in This 3 Day Intelligent Singer Live Workshop?

February 25, 2022 7PM - 8PM
February 25, 2022 7PM - 8PM

Day 1: Installing the Intelligent Singer

  • Introduction of Intelligent Singer Techniques
  • How this 3 Pattern combination will develop your Voice Texture in just 20 mins. a day.
  • Mistakes to avoid as a beginner or starter in Singing Music.
  • Assignment to Implement 3 Pattern Combination Strategy & Sing your first or best Song

Class will be LIVE on Zoom + Recordings provided in Whatsapp Group to Complete Assignments also

February 26, 2022 7PM - 8PM
February 26, 2022 7PM - 8PM

Day 2: Formula to Understand any Song

  • Become your own Music Trainer by Mastering the Format of Raagas
  • Develop Music Understanding and Train your Ears.
  • Findout beats/taal of any song.
  • Assignment to Find Beats of songs.

Class will be LIVE on Zoom + Recordings provided in Whatsapp Group to Complete Assignments also

February 27, 2022 7PM to 8:30PM
February 27, 2022 7PM to 8:30PM

Day 3: How to think and Develop the Mindset of a Pro Singer & Grow exponentially

  • Understanding teen taal.
  • Learn to Sing along with beats/taal
  •  Unlock your Hidden Abilities by Fixing your Mindset
  • A Clear Cut Blueprint to Achieve Succes in Music by following a Proven System

Final Day Exclusive LIVE No Recording will be provided.

Register Now at Just Rs. 199/-

Unlock Exclusive Bonuses worth Rs.5496/- for FREE (Offer Valid for Today Only)

Your Sure Shot Plan to Achieve an Impactful Voice and Start Singing like a Pro!

Join the Workshop

Get Access to Exclusive Techniques Taught in the Live Class on Zoom Meet During 3 day Workshop.

Implement What you Learn

Learn and Implement the Techniques and Submit assignments after each Class inside Whatsapp Group and Claim your Achievement Badges

Start Singing Like a Pro

Master the Techniques and Mindset of the Pro Singer and Start Singing Confidently

Here's What you Will Experience after Joining this 3 Days Intelligent Singer Workshop?

3 Days Intelligent Singer Workshop
  • Make an Impact with your Voice and get known for your Singing
  • Stand out from the Crowd with your Soulful Singing
  • Easy to Follow Path to make your Voice Attractive Like a Pro Singer
  • Follow your passion and Get Appreciation from people around you
  • Boost your Confidence to Sing Like a Pro
  • Mindset of how Professional Singer think and Nurture their Voice to Sing effortlessly
  • Better Understanding of Raagas, taal and Mistakes to avoid as a Beginner
  • Clear Cut way to Learn and build a Solid confident Voice and open up various career opportunities in Music.

Few Words from your Instructor and Founder of This 3 Day Live Intelligent Singer Workshop

2016 Off Studio with Ankit Tiwari

Hi, I am Amit Singh, Founder of Musically Amit and this Intelligent Singer Workshop…

After teaching more than 500+ students online/offline combined in my Free and paid classes, i have found that most people who wants to sing give up on their dreams too early because they think learning music is hard, many people don’t have time and money to invest on their learnings…

Back in 2016, when i started my musical journey, i wanted to sing confidently and wanted that people should appreciate my voice, but i had no guidance on where should i start what to learn and how to become pro…

then i joined music classes to learn classical music seriously, but even after paying high monthly fees i had faced many difficulties, 

the teachers were teaching the old methods which takes years of time to learn & practice to see any change in voice, i kept learning the hard way because i was eager to sing and ready to do whatever it takes.

I also started to travel and made very good connections with Bollywood professionals in Mumbai & Noida, managed to meet many Well Known Singers of the Bollywood Industry not as a Fan but as a Professional in Music during many Conferences & Studio Sessions…

These people were really doing what they have learnt(which music teachers & institutes lacks), that was the time i saw a huge change in my complete mindset…

But the traveling time also affected my Music Classes as there were no flexible timings with these teachers & Institutes, but i have to pay fees continuously and catch up on things after coming back home…

I looked back and realized that there were many things that music institutes and teachers were teaching in a old way(unintentionally) which result in the delayed success of sudents…

Even during my learning journey, i have seen students, working professionals and moms who have to give up on their dreams of singing better because of lack of time, money and Unoptimised old methods and way of teaching…

Everybody wants to sing but the classical music theory and syllabus scare them...

Register Now at Just Rs. 199/-

Unlock Exclusive Bonuses worth Rs.5496/- for FREE (Offer Valid for Today Only)

But now you don't have to go through the hard way...

Today is your chance to Learn singing in a New way, 

which includes actionable steps you need to complete during this Workshop, you will be able to talk to me and learn in a community of like minded people which will inspire you to keep improving and start singing in this 3 day workshop under my guidance using techniques i have developed from my experience…

This Training is a Result of me Spending more than 6 years in constant learning and going through all the hard ways and getting involved with Professionals of Music Industry.


Not only this...
You will get Exclusive Bonuses worth Rs.5496/- for FREE if you Register Today!

Intelligent Singing Checklist Ebook


The Intelligent Singing Checklist E-Book [Worth Rs. 499/-]

Mastering Rhythm Ebook


Mastering the Rhythm E-Book [Worth Rs. 499/-]


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How This 3 Days Intelligent Singer Workshop Works?

– After Successful Registration you will get a Button to join our Student Only Whatsapp group on Confirmation page, Inside the whatsapp group all information, updates and Zoom meeting link will be shared with you on Time.

– Class will be Conducted on Zoom, where you will join live and you will have to Complete Assignments based on things taught in the Class.

– Assignment Submission and Achievement Badges will be given Inside the Whatsapp group After Every day Class, announcements related to submission will be made inside Whatsapp group.

– Workshop will be done live, but Recordings for Day 1 & Day 2 will be provided to re-watch and understand better and Complete the assignments, please note there will be no Recording for Final Day 3 it will be done Live Exclusively.


Class Starts in!

So, Are you Ready to Become a Good Singer & Get Known For your Soulful Voice!

Register Now at Just Rs. 199/-

Unlock Exclusive Bonuses worth Rs.5496/- for FREE (Offer Valid for Today Only)

See you inside the Class... 🙂