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Here is How My Students Feel About My Teaching Techniques

You Don't Need to face any of These Problems Which I have Gone Through in my Early Days...

From: Amit Singh (Experienced Music Industry Expert)

To: Aspiring Talented Singer (You)

We all Love to Listen and Sing Music and wanted to become a Good Singer since childhood and want appreciation from friends and family for our Singing.

Having a Special Skill of Singing and Knowledge of Music makes us different from people around us

But many of us don't follow our passion due to lack of proper guidance, lack of time after school, college or office Schedules

And some don't follow this path because of high fees of Music Institutes.

Without Even trying to Learn, we think that there is no way to make career in Music Industry or Singing is not for them and people give up on their passion of Singing which can bring them the life they dreamt of.

In 2016, after completing my school i had made a decision to make my career in Music but i had no idea on where should i start.

So, My Search took me to Mumbai,

Because i thought that any Composers or Musicians will give me an opportunity to Sing for them

And as a Complete Beginner with no Knowledge of Classical Music, i will Become Singer or get chance to work in Music/Bollywood Industry.

But that's not How things Works, i was refused by all of them because i have no knowledge of Music and Singing.

But, Luckily, I somehow managed to Meet The One and Only,

Singer and Composer Mr. Ankit Tiwari...

I told him that i want a chance to sing a Song because i wanted to become a Singer

In 2016, the photo was taken from my 2mp camera phone.

He advised me to first Learn Classical Music, get knowledge in it and work on my Voice, have some practical skills in Music & then i can think about making a career in Music (like composing, sound engineering, mixing mastering, Teaching etc).

I then came back and tried to learn from free Videos, watched many lessons on youtube, but that was only creating confusion in my mind, everyday i jump on new topics which a beginner should not touch while starting learning which wasted a lot of my time.

I then Joined Music institutes which were good to learn but still they have many problems, if seen from the perspective of student.

Those institutes have very high fees for teaching the basics and they don't repeat lessons for every students because they teach in batches,

A lot of time gets wasted in travelling which i can use for practice. During bad weathers and unknown circumstances classes gets missed or institutes get closed which breaks the learning momentum.

During my learning Journey i have seen many people who wanted to take this hobby as part of their life but they give up because of no clear path and after completing the course they don't get any help or support from the teachers or institutes. They get knowledge but don't know how to apply it.

But I continued my learning Journey even after facing all these issues and got to work very closely with many Renowned Talent management Companies of Bollywood where i got exposure of How this whole Music and Bollywood industry work hand in hand.

Not only this I have Also got Music Production, Business & Distribution Training From the No.1 Music Company, which Showed me how this whole Industry is working and i learnt about the importance of Roles and Responsibilities involved in a Song.

Fast forward to today there is so much misunderstanding and So much to know which a beginner don't have idea about.

as - High monthly fees of Institutes with crowded batches.
- Travel issues during Bad Weather Conditions
- Closing of Institutes during Restrictions from last year.
- People miss their Classes and does not get to match the batch syllabus.
- Many students miss classes because of health issues.
- Many office going people around me was not able to learn because of office timings because no institute/teacher take classes in late evening/night.

Students Give up on their Dreams of Learning Music and Singing Because of High Fee and Less Time

Each and Every Student have the Potential to learn easily and grasp the Knowledge of music and see the real change in their voice. Because a Students already have the Learning Mindset and they have discipline. In todays crazy environment of shut downs they just require an affordable solution which can help them in their Artistic Musical Growth.

Music have the Following Advantages for a Student:

– It Brings Focus and keep the mind calm.

– Voice become Dense and Clear.

– Breathing Exercises Improves the Memory.

– Rehearsals and Singing Practice bring the stress levels down in these shut down times.


Working Professionals Give up their Singing Dream because of Responsibilities and Lack of Time

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