Music teacher in faridabad

I am in Music for more than 5years. Here on my website, I would be sharing some tips regarding vocal improvements, alankaars, knowledge of some raagas & lyrics.

I have made many Professional Connections in Bollywood, Mumbai, and Constantly Analysing and Being part of Many Reputed Artist Management Companies, I got professional training for Studio recordings Vocals and how the Whole Music Production Works, from T-Series, Noida.

Because of my Constant involvement in the Real Music Industry, I have gained many knowledge and insights which are not available in the Public.

That’s why I have decided to share my knowledge and Training to help others learn and grow with the right guidance and overall knowledge of this Industry.

If you want to learn music seriously and want to make a career in music then Join our Music Classes Online.

Music is a very spiritual thing that directly connects you to your inner self & provides you with a joy of peace & happiness.

So, join me on this journey of learning & sharing. Be in touch in our comment section or if you have any further query please Email me at [email protected] you can also contact me on Whatsapp or Call at +91-8383949173