music classes online by musicallyamit

Hey, thank you for visiting my website. Now if you have arrived here. I’m assuming that you’re surely looking to join online music classes.

In this digital aura, nothing is impossible you just need to have a strong will of learning something.

You might be just surfing over the internet to learn music or searching for youtube videos about music tutorials & getting confused with several topics. But you definitely need a teacher who’d help you grow; tell your mistakes.

A person searches for online music classes because either they are less in time or couldn’t find a teacher in his/her local area.

Because a beginner always needs great attention of the teacher to grab quickly & easily.

That’s why I also provide online classes for students from any state of India & overseas also. So, that one can have my full attention & can clear his/her doubts very easily.

Here what you’ll get by learning online music from me

  • You don’t need to travel anywhere. Just learn within the comfort of your home.
  • Call via hangouts, duo, skype, zoom call.
  • There would be 2 classes per week.
  • Main focus would be on practicalities & will guide you on each note with patience, not just for running the syllabus.
  • I will provide free PDFs for vocal improvement techniques & basic notes which one should use during practicing their lessons.
  • I do take the online test assessments on a regular interval of every 2 months, to observe how an individual is grabbing.
  • I also provide e- certification.

So, if you’re searching for online music classes from any part of India or from overseas & want to start online classes with me. You can reach me out by filling the form below. I’ll get back to you ASAP

And always stay updated with my website to learn about new stuff & techniques of music.

Happy Learning!