Here are some alankars for beginner’s practice of classical music.

Practice these alankars in order to grab the swars, so that you sing almost a perfect note.

Alankar 1

Aroh:- Sa Re, Sa Ga, Sa Ma, Sa Pa, Sa Dha, Sa Ni, SASA

Avroh:- SA Ni, Sa Dha, Sa Pa, Sa Ma, Sa Ga, Sa Re, Sa Sa

Alankar 2

Aroh;- GaReSa, MaGaRe, PaMaGa, DhaPaMa, NiDhaPa, SANiDha

Avroh;- DhaNiSA, PaDhaNi, MaPaDha, GaMaPa, ReGaMa, SaReGa

Alankar 3

Aroh;- SaGa, ReMa, GaPa, MaDha, PaNi, DhaSA

Avroh;- SADha, NiPa, DHaMa, PaGa, MaRe, GaSa

Alankar 4

Aroh;- SaSa, ReRe, GaGa, MaMa, PaPa, DhaDha, NiNi, SASA

Avroh;- SASA, NiNi, DhaDha, PaPa, MaMa, GaGa, ReRe, SaSa

Alankar 5

Aroh;- SaReSa, ReGaRe, GaMaGa, MaPaMa, PaDhaPa, DhaNiDha, NiSaNi

Aroh:- SaNiSa, NiDhaNi, DhaPaDha, PaMaPa, MaGaMa, GaReGa, ReSaRe, SaniSa.

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