theory of alankars

If you want to know just a definition of alankars in music. You can say, ”
The regular movement of vowels(swar) is called alankar.

In Hindi, it would be स्वरों के नियमित चलन को अलंकार कहते हैं|

But when it comes to singing an alankar, then we should have knowledge of swars used in music.

Classical music consists of 7 shudh swar as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni SA.

We have to practice them in ascending(aroh) & descending(avroh) order.

Aroh is a pattern in going from low note to high & avroh is vice-versa form of it.

When you’d learn Indian classical music you can’t jump directly on ragas.

Music requires patience & you’ll learn many things by alankars only.

  • It helps you to be on a scale, in which you’ve started.
  • It helps to sing in a proper way when students have to skip the notes because of the structure of the raga.
  • Alankars will develop a proper tuning & helps in removing harshness from the voice.
  • So, keep reciting the alankars daily both in a single form or double form.

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