Well, this is the most frequently asked questions to any teacher by a beginner student.
Whenever an absolute beginner joins a music academy or a guru to learn & experience the essence of music.
His/her first question would how & when can I play any song on harmonium or piano.
Don’t run too fast, it’s not that easy to play any song.
Having said that it’s not that tough too.
SO, what’s the procedure?
Firstly, we should have knowledge of SARGAMS or notes
if we don’t know these seven notes, we can’t play.
Because it would be like you wanna write English but you don’t know the ABCD of it.

Same way, you should have a basic understanding of music notes.

How to Play?

Firstly dedicate yourself in the practice of sargams for a minimum of 2-3 months, then you’ll start understanding the difference between the sargams.

After that try with the humming of sargams.

Don’t say the sargam as Sa Re…

So, play the notes on harmonium & do hmm…hmmm… that’s what we called humming.

And continue this practice of humming unless you achieve the differentiation path even in the humm.

Step2: Take a very easy song & remove lyrics from it. Keep in mind don’t attempt the whole song in one take.

This would increase confusion in your head. So, take only 2-3 words of it in starting.

Then, try with the humming of song’s lyrics & try it on harmonium on every 7seven notes of it.

You’ll observe that some 1-2 notes are matching with the lyrics wording.

Continuously play those 1-2 notes 7 you’ll get the exact sargam.

Like this, you can learn to play any song.

Having said that, keep in mind that directly don’t jump on harder songs & new songs which you haven’t heard before.

keep your practice up with easy songs only at least for a month.

When you feel confident in playing & your finger runs smoothly on harmonium then, you can shift on harder songs.

All the best & be patient with your learnings.

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