As a singer, we often care about our voice & its vocal range. But it’s not limited to this aspect only. A Singer should know both dimension & work on it. While singing there are several muscles involved in that activity, which help us to take a good vibrato or to deliver a good texture in a song.

But most of us don’t think about the caring of our vocal cords. Neglecting this angle would lead to a long term loss. So, don’t just focus on what you’re delivering outside.

Let’s understand this in the easiest way with an example.

Suppose you’re living in a villa & you’re spending hell lot of money on the outer part of its infrastructure, using good quality paints & lightings all over the sides. Just to brag in between your neighbours

But from the inner side, you don’t even have a good quality of wirings, pipings & whitewashing.

So, we have to see ourselves in order to understand better. So, here I’ll be sharing some tips which would help you keep your voice healthy.


Gargling is a very common practice among all the singers. As we do if we have cough congestion. It’s not meant to do only in the cold & cough, But also a proven miracle for singers. So, everyday morning do gargling with warm water or before your performance will act as a catalyst & give you a vocal boost.

Adequate Hydration

Be sure to drink plenty of warm water throughout the riyaz(practice). It keeps your vocal hydrated, otherwise lacking in water produces a harsh voice sometimes. Adding to this, also don’t eat before & after 30 minutes of riyaz. As it may lead to some gastric problems as we have to sit & practice through.

Mulethi in Water

Mulethi or liquorice is a popular condiment that not only acts as a good flavouring agent but also a soothing agent. Many singers use it to soothe their voice. Take a small amount of mulethi boil in water. And take its sip during the riyaz.

Honey with Ginger

Same goes with this curable agent, Honey smoothens your vocal cords. Consuming one spoon of honey with a bit of ginger daily is really advisable for good voice texture.

And we have some ayurvedic spices like black pepper, etc. are helpful in getting rid of an itchy throat. But yes! don’t consume all at the same time.


As every human body has a different built up. So, don’t follow these measures blindly. Know your body, voice & act accordingly. Because whatever I’ve shared is just my experience of it & the majority of the singers & teachers suggests almost similar.

I believe that one should perform a proper riyaz at least 15-20 minutes in beginning. And as we begin & start the caring of our voice health in the initial stage, we would reach at some positive results soon.

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