Daily riyaaz is one of the most important parts of a singer’s life. As important as food. One should do the sadhana of alankars, raagas & bandish. So, today we going to put some light on the part of the morning riyaaz session & let’s find out are you doing it in the right way?


One should always start with going into Lower Octave(Mandra Saptak). Don’t pressurize yourself & do not go till Mandra SAA on the first attempt.

Try saying loudly till MA & PA. Gradually push yourself slowly & increase your limit of going down.

This method would clear all the muds & false vibrations from your voice. You’d start feeling that your vocal is sounding more clear than in previous days.

One Minute Stay

If you are an absolute beginner vocalist. Don’t stay up too long on a single note. Try singing it for one minute only. And keep moving downwards with the same. Otherwise, it may develop strain in your voice.

Maintain Your Dynamics

While you practice on the kharaj section, make sure to maintain your vocal dynamics with every note. Don’t become too loud & too low while going up & down.

The notes should behold like a straight line & end the same as you started. The tail of a note should receive the same volume.

10 Minutes

Above I’ve discussed that you shouldn’t hold a note for more than 1 minute. But if we talk about the whole kharaj session. Try doing it for 10 minutes in your initial days. And increase it gradually, as you see your progress.

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