When it comes to singing, every 5 out of 10 would love singing. But when it comes to become serious in the same career & want to become a professional singer. Then you have to go with these steps of learning classical music.

You have to gain some deeper knowledge of music, instruments & some theoretical aspects. But the point is many people out there don’t know exactly that, what they should do if they really need to learn music or it’s just a temporary attraction towards any particular instrument or any famous singer.

So, what you should do?

Firstly, if you don’t have good vocals since birth, don’t think that you can’t become a good singer. You don’t need to be a born vocalist in order to get successful.

Now if you’re getting thoughts of learning classical music. Just ask some questions to you

  • If I’m going into music by seeing someone, if I’m going just by an appreciation of friends who don’t even have a knowledge of music or if I’m just listening to my inner self.
  • And majorly, you need to have a great amount of patience in you. You will face many rejections, appreciations. Because there is one diamond which every artist should have & that is PATIENCE only.
  • Observe either your family is supporting your decision to learn classical music or not. else try to convince them. Because only then you’d be able to practice at home.

From where to learn Classical Music?

After you have clarity in your mind. Now you have to move on the next & major topic which is how & where should I learn.

Keep in mind that always take advice from the person who is in the same field.

Many would suggest that you can learn just by youtube & search for classical music video tutorials. Yes! you can learn from youtube

But, if you’re an absolute beginner then you have to take one on one classes with music teacher & that will provide you great clarity in mind & you’d follow a step by step pattern which will help you get deeper knowledge of music.

For which you simply have to visit google & enter some keyword like classical music classes near me or music teachers near me.

Having said that, you can also search for some online or some youtube videos & become familiar with how to select a good music teacher. Because you’ll find some teachers who’ll just contact you for running the business fastly & they’ll keep you under darkness.

So, don’t fall prey to these so-called teachers. Because a good teacher will always walk with patience.


Whatever you’re deciding, just decide with patience. Talk to your friends & relatives just to see are they welcoming your opinion? or they’re refusing. Then, spend around a month to observe your decision to be a musician, search for music-related articles, watch videos & then proceed with the search of a good teacher. Even, If you’re not finding answer to your confusion. So, if you’re living in Delhi-NCR, Feel free to contact me for home classes & stay updated with my blog. Because my website is all about helping new beginners in music.

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